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Saturday, January 14 2012

I've been selling Avon for almost 2 years now.  I'm happily married and have a 15 yr old step-daughter and 2 year old daughter. I'm a full time student studying Accounting, I plan to get my C.P.A. and open my own business helping other small businesses in the area.

I'm starting to get over a battle with pneumonia.  So far the pneumonia has won, but I'm still fighting.  Never been this sick for this long a time. I'd rather have my gall bladder taken out again.  It's been rough, especially since I got sick before Christmas, and here it is half way through January.  What's worse though is I'm letting my customers down.  Some still haven't gotten their Campaign 3 books.  My new years resolution was to get my books our on time every campaign.  I guess having pneumonia is a good reason, but I really want to meet my goals this year.  Which means that I need about $2,000 in sales in the next 4 campaigns.  Ugh, looking at it that way, it may not happen.  but it won't be for lack of trying :D 

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